As a high-end sharpener, the Edge Pro Apex isn’t really that much recommended for beginners. However, because of how much cost-efficient it is, we might just recommend it to all type of sharpening users. Be it veterans or beginners, we think that the edge pro sharpening system is the perfect device that you should pick up for its many features and benefits. Continue reading to learn more about this product.

The Edge Pro is a sharpener that has a guided rod; however, its approach isn’t similar to its competitors like the Lansky. Assembling the Edge Pro isn’t also that complicated as aside from having the manual, you’ll also have the chance of discovering how to build it by looking through online guides. That’s how good the Edge Pro is, there are so many people willing to help, and it really is an interesting and welcoming community.

The Edge Pro sharpeners has 4 kits that are different from one another. All kits are numbered, and the higher you go, also the higher you price you will be paying. The Apex 1 which is the most basic kit would cost you around 165 USD. The second model which is called the Apex 2 costs 200 USD and the reason for that is the added water stone, ceramic hone, and a DVD that you may use to get the instructions. The Apex 3 costs 225 USD because of the added grit stones. Lastly is the Apex 4 which shares the same price as the Apex 3. The only difference is that, the Apex 4 has grit polishing tapes and two mounting blanks.

The Edge Pro sharpening system has also a very responsive and helpful team behind them. If you have encountered problems or you really don’t have an idea to operate it, they will respond ASAP and help you with any troubles, making sure that every customer they had are satisfied.

While you can get the model in its 4 different types of kits, the system itself maybe a bit pricey. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. For its price which is 475 USD, you can really get the best out of your money. Because of how things are being processed, your knives will generally last longer and they will be much more efficient to use because of how they have been sharpened.

So, in the end, it is safe to say that the edge pro sharpening system deserves your attention, and if you’re someone that uses knives often, then consider getting a system or any of the models that have been mentioned.

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