I am a Viking is a blog created for beer and wine enthusiasts, just like us! There are a lot of stories and news we would love to share with everyone, especially those that share the same passion with us. As a hobby, beer and wine aren’t something cheap, so everything you have to do with it has to be precise and worthwhile. In this blog, we promise to deliver articles that would recommend and suggest to you the best products that are out in the market.


All the authors aren’t professionals by any means, we just love drinking, but you can take everything we say with full confidence because we will carefully research everything first before we bring out all the information to you.


Aside from product suggestions and simply listing what we think are the best in the market, we also plan to bring events closer to everyone. We will hunt down any drink-related events that are going on or those that will commence within a month or so. Through this, we’re hopeful that more people will be close to the beer and wine community, and someday, it will grow big enough that we can host our own events as well.


Although our platform is only limited in our current location, the plans for expansion aren’t that impossible. So in the meantime, our readers should expect us to feature local wine stores and breweries. It is also our own way of supporting them, especially in these trying times. We promise to deliver the best content and only recommend to you those that we think are the best when different factors are considered.


Rest assured that even if there are different voices and opinions, our vision and mission are all the same. We strive to make our content at its peak, and we promise never to settle for less.


Our blog shall also become a good introduction to this hobby, especially for those that curious and are just lost. With our different educational materials, we assure you that everything that you need to know before delving into this industry will be provided by our authors and content creators.


We’re also looking forward to people collaborating for us, but in the meantime, stay put and wait for our announcements. We love our community, after all, and we want to work with like-minded individuals, especially those that share the same passion and perspective as us.


All that said, we hope that you find your stay here meaningful, and if you don’t, we promise to make you feel so in our next updates!